student feedback

I have sung under Ms. Reynolds for about four years now. I came to her when my voice was at a crucial turning point and previous guidance was not helping. She’s the first teacher to ever describe the intricacies of breathing and singing into the body. This alone opened up my voice to more natural possibilities.

She is, by far, one of the greatest voice teachers out there. Ms. Reynolds makes you feel, act, and sound your absolute best. When my lessons are done I feel like I can continue to sing for hours.

If you want to sing any style appropriately, freely, and confidently, Ms. Reynolds is your solution!
~ Edgar-Miguel Abreu, Tenor, Florida Grand Opera Young Artist Program


Without Wendy, I simply and sincerely would not be even a fraction of the singer I am. She is warm, compassionate, generous, and kind – she is patient, accepting, and she is family. On top of that, vocally she is unmatched in skill, technique, and talent – and she is a superb educator.

My family and I have had the true privilege of knowing Wendy for more than a decade now, and I studied voice with her for about five or six years – every lesson was invaluable, and we ALWAYS had a good laugh and a fabulous time!!! Wendy is an exceptional educator, artist, and friend. I am forever grateful to know her.
~ Holland Mariah Grossman, Actress/Singer


I’m here to tell the world that Wendy is a great voice teacher. Why? She’s all about her student. She quickly finds what you need and lovingly guides you on making mental and physical changes. The whole lesson is filled with love and lightness and happiness. She loves music and very much wants you to love it also. She’s constantly building confidence in you and rewards every step you take toward that sweet sound you’re after. AND she’s sooo much fun. Don’t wait too long!!
~ Steve van Wie, Baritone, Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida


This woman is fantastic! I have taken lessons with her and I can’t tell you how much this gorgeous Professor helped me! I am doing my doctorate degree in singing right now at UNLV, and I have to say if Wendy wasn’t there for me and show me the secrets of a great vocal technique, I don’t think that I would have entered in the university! Best teacher ever! She is so so talented with a powerful voice and plus on top of that she is so pleasant. I love her, I adore her. Every time when I go back in FL I want to have lessons with her! I recommend her not 100% but 1,000%. You will learn so much from her! Money is not even important in this point, if you knew how much this woman can help you with the vocal technique! She is definitely outstanding!!!!
~ Olivera Gjorgoska, Soprano/Teacher


I met Wendy Reynolds in 2006 while I was still in high school and began taking voice lessons with her. She was amazing!! Always so insightful, patient, empathetic and artistic in her teaching and performance style. She is one of the most knowledgeable and caring souls I’ve ever met. I am now a professional opera/fusion singer, performing regularly and traveling, with radio hits and roles on the opera stage. I owe a TON of my vocal, artistic and personal growth to her as she has ALWAYS been there for me as teacher and mentor. I’m grateful to know Ms. Reynolds and when you meet her you will be, too!
~ Katherine Alexander, Opera/Fusion Singer/Actress/Songwriter


Wendy Reynolds is a superb voice teacher, one who not only is extremely accomplished in her own right, but a patient coach regarding the mechanics of singing. Her wonderful sense of fun permeates all her lessons, and her positive mental outlook always leaves me feeling like I’m making clear progress. I think that even accomplished singers can improve their delivery, as she works to improve breathing dynamics and physical form. She is a very patient, personable teacher whom I highly recommend.
~ Suzanne Davies, Actress/Singer