find your voice

 ~ It’s time to fall in love with your voice ~


Do you have something to say, something to share?

Do you feel music calling you?

Maybe you even feel stuck, or someone told you sometime that you “can’t”.

I can help.

With over 20 years of both teaching and performing experience, I’ve learned how to empower singers at all levels, beginner to pro, youngster to retiree, in a variety of styles.

My passion for encouraging you and helping you find the confidence to open up and make some noise, drives me to find the best approach to teaching YOU.

And it’s my job to give you the training and techniques for your confidence to practice and perform without feeling the need for permission! You’ll begin to feel like an authority sooner than you could imagine.

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Sounds a bit like voice therapy? You bet! Because you end up showing up for yourself!

You have permission to be you,
to stand on your own,
to sing on your own.

I’ve been at the piano since I was seven years old, and received my Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from Texas Christian University. As I stayed on to earn my Master of Music in Theory/Composition, I made my living as a piano teacher and pianist for dance classes. And it was also during that time that I realized, I really wanted to sing!

Having sung in choruses since age 10, suddenly I felt a passion for solo performance. My journey was nuts: everyone had a different opinion about the sort of voice I should develop, pop, opera, jazz, Broadway, country. Some even told me I was “too old” and others had the advantage over me. There was a lot of nay-saying to overcome. I spent years searching for the answers – and for the confidence – and finally figured it out.

I studied in Chicago, Florida and New York, with NYC Master Teacher Judith Natalucci being my go-to still to this day. I also thrived in an intensive training with legendary soprano Renata Scotto.

This difficult and meandering path, all the challenges of figuring out my voice, taught me so much about truly good vocal technique, and also about staying the course, believing in yourself, and nurturing authenticity.

Some of my students have gone on to university study in piano performance, vocal performance, musical theatre, opera performance – and many of them are pursuing or involved in professional careers. But I also love to work with people who are passionate about music for their own reasons: to sing better in church choir or school chorus; to play piano for their own enjoyment; to sing karaoke on weekends with more confidence!

My background in piano and intense music studies has given me an edge – including playing piano for your voice lessons. Want to learn to sing and play at the same time? Look no further.

But most importantly, I’m all about YOU. My passion for teaching is in seeing YOU master your dreams!

Investing in music lessons with the right instructor actually gives back to you.

  • a stronger voice, less breathiness and breathlessness
  • easy projection, better speech, articulation and enunciation
  • more composure, poise and stage presence – overcoming stage fright
  • improved posture, demeanor, charisma
  • greater sense of self-worth and value
  • command of yourself in life and your career no matter what it is

In-studio sessions in Cape Coral FL include a CD of your lesson and songs with piano accompaniment to take with you for easy practicing. Ask me about Skype lessons as well – I have students in many time zones.

I look forward to singing with you!